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About the Series

Sarah’s adventures begin as she helps rescue Flashback escape from a local bully Janet. As they hide in a library, they are transported in time by Uuma, a magical owl who becomes Sarah’s spirit guide. Uuma comes to Sarah’s rescue each time she deals with events in her life that leave her distressed and disempowered. When Sarah is close to giving up, Uuma flies in and takes Sarah and Flashback on adventures to meet other girls Sarah’s age who reveal to Sarah that if they can get through their tough circumstances, so can she. In each episode, Sarah and Flashback discover their new friends end up being historic figures who change the course of history through their resilience, courage and grit.

About the Visuals

FEARLESS TIMES is a unique merging of animation and live action. In today's world, we see Sarah, her family and her new schoolmates in 2-D digital animation. After they travel into the past we enter live action silhouette puppetry on exquisite painted backdrops as each story if revealed. This creates a show unlike anything currently on the air that originally merges the contemporary and nostalgic aesthetics.

About the Characters


Our “every girl” who discovers how to deal with her modern day pre-teen problems by traveling in time meeting courageous girls who change the course of history.


Sarah’s canine sidekick who brings goofball silliness, quirky knowledge and complete compassion; Her puppy reveals they are the key to the time portal.


A magical matriarch who guides Sarah and Flashback through their adventures in time, offering wisdom. We eventually discover Uuma is a voice of confidence inside Sarah herself.