Maria Mitchell

The Fearless Astronomer | 1830

Sarah is naively unaware of Janet cheating off her paper to get an A on the science exam. Feeling betrayed, Uuma shows up to take Sarah and Flashback back in time to visit the Maria who is rebuilding her father’s telescope. Needing a lense, she drops off her telescope to Benny who later pretends it is his craftsmanship.

About Maria Mitchell

On October 1, 1847, while scanning the skies with her telescope atop the roof of her father's place of business, the Pacific National Bank on Main Street in Nantucket, a 28-year-old Maria Mitchell discovered what she was sure was a comet. It turned out that she was right, and that what she had spotted was in fact a new comet, previously uncharted by scientists. The celestial object became known as "Miss Mitchell's Comet," and she was the first woman to receive the Gold Medal from the King of Denmark for her discovery. She taught at Vassar College where they offered to build her an observatory. In 1873, she founded the Association for the Advancement of Women where she dedicated her life to showcase the achievements of women in science and academia.

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