Betty Mae Tiger

The Fearless Translator | 1937

Sarah finds herself in the Florida groves of Fort Lauderdale in 1937 where she meets Betty Mae Tiger, her brother Howard and their friend Moses trying to get past a mean snapping turtle named Buckram. With compassion and ingenuity, Betty Mae realizes that Buckram is limping and helps him with an age-old wound. Able to pass, they head to the first Seminole classroom run by Ivy Stranahan. They bring to life Seminole folklore and Sarah helps them get it published for the local paper. This gives Sarah an idea for back homeā€¦

About Betty Mae Tiger

Betty Mae Tiger Jumper was born on the Seminole reservation in Indiantown, Florida of a Seminole mother and French father. As a child, Betty Mae learned traditional Seminole stories and appreciated her cultural heritage. Her training as a nurse served as a link for her community which had a history of rejecting modern medicine. Betty Mae married Moses Jumper and became a respected member of the Seminole community. As the founder and editor of the Seminole Tribune, she was the first female member of the Seminole Tribal Council, and was Chairwoman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida from 1967 to 1971. She was awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award by the Native American Journalist Association. Throughout her life, Betty Mae worked tirelessly as an advocate for Native American culture and history.

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